Jewelry from The Olive Branch


Jewelry - An exclusive collection from Israel!

These products are custom designed in the Land of Israel.
We purchase these exclusive products from The Galilee Experience,
a ministry located on the shores of the Galilee, because their project is destined to touch many lives.
The "Grafted-In" Symbol has a rich history and beautiful meaning for the Messianic Believer.
For more detail on how this symbol came about, GO HERE

Gold Pendants

These items can now be purchased directly from:

"The Galilee Experience" in Israel - Gift Store -

  • Order No.9A- 14K Gold
  • No. 9A-2 - "Grafted-In"/textured scroll
  • No. 9A-3 - "Grafted-In"/white rodium highlights
  • No. 9A-4 - "Grafted-In"/polished scroll

    New Addition (1-3/4" x 1/2")

  • No. 9a-1b - "Grafted-In/sans scroll

  • Magen David Pendants

  • Order No. 4A - 14 K Gold
  • No. 4A-1 - with Yeshua
  • No. 4A-2 - with Yeshua in Hebrew
  • No. 4A-3 - with Jesus

    Collection No. 2

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