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The Olive Branch Bookstore was started long ago as a ministry to supply our local congregation and community with good study materials and Messianic items. Then we enlarged it to include an Internet site which began in 1996.

Ministry has been the main focus of our lives and we desire to seize every opportunity. My husband is a teacher in our local congregation and has been pastoring people for many years. We both believe that we have been called to give a reason of the hope within us to anyone who will listen.

We owned a wholesale gift company during the 80's and produced items under the name of "The Carpenter's Son". It was quite successful until the Lord sent us in another direction. That is another whole story in itself. In fact, our lives are full of experiences and events that have brought us to this point.

We want you to have the opportunity to learn about the Jewishness of Yeshua and roots of the faith. We are no longer operating as we did in the beginning. Our web sites now list books and music along with an amazon search box. We appreciate your support as you order from our listings and search box. Since we wanted to provide you with tools to learn, enjoy and share your faith, we will continue to compile a list of supplier links for those things that we no longer have.

Serving people is what our ministry is all about. If we fall, please forgive us. If we succeed, give HIM the glory. We believe our calling is to pass along the things we've learned. As we use our time more effectively, we hope you will be blessed by this and future web pages. Thank you for your prayers and support as we determine to focus on what the Lord has called us to do.


Thank you for considering us as your Bookstore supplier.
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