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"from a company whose president is a pharmacist"

The Life Plus Marketing program operates on a referral system. Instead of money going to corporate store fronts, Life Plus expanded this simple referral concept by creating an income opportunity for you. You are the store owner, but you don't have to have a store front! As a Life Plus member, you can make referrals from your home by phone, by mail, with ads or personal contact.

You don't have to stock products. You don't pay fees to register or to receive royalty checks each month. Life Plus handles all the paper work. You simply purchase great products directly from the manufacturer and this give you the advantage of getting income from those who purchase from your referral. ALL customers have a 30 day MONEY BACK guarantee! Life Plus gives 30 days to try the product and then if you don't like the results, you have a MONEY BACK guarantee!

When you refer new members to Life Plus yourself, they become first level to you and start new legs. Members that they refer become second level to you. This can continue through an infinite number of levels. And...with this system, your efforts are multiplied!

ASAP Marketing Membership:

  • *You order $40 in CV (Commission Value)
  • *Convenience of regular shipments for your daily health regimen

    Get Paid for purchases made from your referral.

    • *1st Level =5 Percent earnings
    • *2nd Level =25 Percent earnings
    • *3rd Level =10 Percent with three 1st level $40 ASAP members purchasing
    • *Additional bonus incentives with levels 4 through infinity

Wait, there's still MORE....

ASAP Membership advantages:

  • FREE Shipping USA or REDUCED shipping International on Biobasics
  • FREE shipping USA or REDUCED shipping International on $100 order
  • REDUCED PRICING on Biobasics and Super Shakes

Wouldn't you like to feel good about recommending products that add vital nutrients to someone's health regimen and get paid to do it! Maybe all you want is a little extra income (maybe for something special) or just enough to pay for your own products. But, some of our members have discovered this as a way to a full-time income and a dream come true. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It does take a little effort, but it's a "feel good" way to earn money. And, we are here to help you!

We think it is important that you know something about us (as an independent distributor), the company's history, reputation and stability. So, here's a little information:

This is a company that is serious about offering you the best nutritional products in the industry.

Our system incorporates the principle of the multiplication of efforts of others. The first U.S. billionaire, J. Paul Getty said, "I'd rather have 1% of the efforts of others than 100% of what I can do."

Life Plus has won a lot of recognition for its NETWORK MARKETING Plan

Capitalize on today's trends

Life Plus is the industry leader in the $60 billion nutritional supplement market, consistently introducing best-selling products that are leading-edge. Today, as more and more people are turning to nutrition to improve their health, Life Plus and its Members are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend.

The Life Plus Commitment to You:

Life Plus has a background of over fifty years experience in manufacturing "doctor quality" leading- edge nutritional supplements. The president is a pharmacist with many years of experience in research and development of products. Featured in one issue of Success Magazine, Life Plus was reported to have a phenomenal record of growth since its founding!

Our unique product line utilizes only the highest quality materials, which are as natural as possible, formulated in the most synergistic way to provide optimum nutritional results. Because our products are manufactured in-house, we can naturally guarantee potency and quality and provide them at economical, realistic prices.


(For all other country locations, e-mail us for additional information)
Distributorship Outside USA or CANADA

  • Place an order - HOW TO ORDER
  • Give your name and address, social security number (required for business income) and the I.D. Number 273555 - Terry Culbreth
  • We will assign a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to you - for future orders and that you can give this to others who will purchase from your referral.
  • Select your preferred method of shipping and payment, Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer. Your order will be shipped directly to you.
  • After this is done, you will be a registered Member with purchasing power. If you want to earn from your referrals, then let us know you want to be a marketing member.

Remember, you do not have to invest in inventory! We ship to your referrals direct as they order.

Tell people about Life Plus. Give them company literature and watch your business grow!

Over two hundred fifty years of combined networking experience have helped develop this plan. It is designed for the distributor to earn royalties fairly. You could actually end up earning more than anyone above or below you in the sponsorship line.

There is a common phrase in marketing - "Find a need and fill it". There is a need and we can fill it! Please contact us if you wish to discuss the possibilities further. We will be happy to assist you in getting started and you will find us a generous support group for your efforts.

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