Gout and Gouty Arthritis
What is it? What can I do about it?

As with any health issue, there are many factors that should be considered when making choices about your health. Many medical professionals prescribe drugs to control gout. Others may suggest that you supplement along with conventional medications. There is a growing trend that has increased the interest in complimentary/alternatives as a health support. Our own experiences have been very positive with supplementing.

In someone with gout, there is not enough digestive enzyme produced to oxidize insoluble uric acid to make it soluble. This allows uric acid to crystallize in the blood and tissues. These sharp formations are what causes the pain, swelling and sometimes damage. There is a high risk for Uric acid stones that can form in the kidneys. This can be a very serious problem. Diuretics for high blood pressure and low-dose aspirin causes decreased uric acid excretion. This may significantly increase the probability of a gout attack. A deficiency in Vitamin E has been reported as a cause for increase in uric acid levels in some people.

Pseudo-gout (false gout) has often been confused with regular gout. The symptoms are very similar. However, the cause is different and the result is calcium deposits. If you want a description for Pseudogout, CLICK HERE

There are pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed to treat gout. While some of them can be very helpful, they may have there complications with interactions and side effects. Some medications can actually inhibit absorption or deplete particular nutrients that are vital to health. So, be aware of all the facts. Allopurinol is used often. According to some sources, it has been known to inflame blood vessels; cause problems with toxins in the liver and sores on the skin. People with a history of kidney trouble should be carefully watched by their doctor when taking this. Cortisone is usually prescribed for severe attack. It is normally effective in reducing inflammation. But, it does add stress to the already stressed adrenal glands. Colchicine is used for prevention and to reduce attacks. It may be very useful - but, it is reported by some people to have serious side effects. Taking it in large amounts and for long periods of time can be toxic. Particular herbs should not be used while taking it. A good local pharmacist might be very helpful for complete information on prescription drugs.

SUPPLEMENTS and their function
Supplementing is very good for supporting general health and can also be health support for particular health issues. Pharmaceutical companies and various independent distributors are offering an abundant supply of nutritional products. Some are better than others.

Free Radicals are incredibly destructive and are responsible for premature aging, a compromised immune system, inflammation, allergies and degenerative disease. OPC's are supportive to protect collagen which is foundational for your blood vessels and all connective tissues - skin, ligaments around joints and tendons. OPCs are quite possibly the strongest and most effective antioxidant on the market.

Dr. Masquelier is the world's best authority on Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins (OPC's)and His formula contains both Maritime Pine bark and grape seed extracts. The startling research of this doctor has proven that OPC's are effective in the battle against free radical exposure that you get everyday. It is 50 times more potent than Vitamin C and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin E. More information on OPCs - CLICK HERE

Particular enzymes break down many of the larger molecules found throughout the whole body, especially in the blood stream, permitting them to be metabolized in a healthy way. If this does not occur, these offensive substances can become toxins or irritants that can lead to inflammation. Enzymes occur naturally in fresh raw foods that are grown in mineral rich soils. Since most of us do not have these type foods in our diet, it is advisable to supplement.

Enzymes not only help with the general digestion of food in the stomach and intestines, but also can help maintain proper pH which activates the enzyme, Pepsin and this helps with digestion of proteins. For those with food allergies, it is helpful to keep partially digested proteins from entering the blood stream.

Did you know that you are exposed daily to enzyme inhibitors that contribute to decreased enzyme activity in the body? Some of those are fluoride and chlorine in public water supplies and copper from plumbing. It is also reported that absorbing lead from water (and the environment) can cause gout. This is all the more reason to supplement and use filtered water.

Filtered Water Options......http://www.theolivebranch.com/water/filter.htm

Good Circulation is very important if you want to ward off the effects of pollutants and degenerative disease. When the organs of the body do not receive adequate nutrition or oxygen they can become toxic. It is important to nutritionally support the circulatory system with something that has cleansing properties and natural chelating nutrients. Good circulation can support your immune system and give you improved energy, alertness, increased stamina and an increase in oxygen and nutrition to every organ.

It is important to have a source of dietary sulfur for various reasons. Reduction of pain has been a major benefit of MSM use. It has also been used in clinical studies by Dr. Stanley W. Jacobs from the Oregon Health Science University. He was an initial researcher of DMSO which produced the discovery of MSM. It is a stable metabolite of DMSO. It is chemically DMSO2 (it has an additional atom of oxygen). It is as an odorless but efficient way to supplement. MSM is taken internally and also used in lotion form.

Dr. Jacob's Book, "The Miracle of MSM, The Natural Solution for Pain", is very educational on the use of MSM.

The body is a wonderful complex machine and requires a wide variety of nutrients to operate properly. It has been reported that more than half the U.S. population suffers from nutrient deficiency of some kind. That deficiency can lead to disease and contribute to ill health. This deficiency would indicate the need for supplementing.

Particular nutrients on their own do not produce the same effect as when they are combined together. This is called Synergy. Simply put, it means that particular nutrients work together to promote absorption and assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Taking one single herb or nutrient may not be effective. A balanced program brings the best results with a combination of products with known purity and potency. All nutritional supplement brands are not the same.

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