Gout, Gouty Arthritis, Bursitis and pain in the joints
Story of a Gout sufferer for about 35 years.

It would normally end up in his big toe or ankle. However, gout can affect other joints, such as the wrist, fingers, hand, foot, knee or elbow. It can be chronic and some people end up with damage to joints. The kidneys can be involved if left untreated. This can be a very serious condition and should not be ignored.

He was diagnosed at age 20 with chronic gout and has taken lots of pills over the last 35 years to control the attacks. Sometimes the meds made him sick to his stomach and "other things".

Treating this health problem involves health issues that effect the whole body. So, about 3 years ago (at the insistence of his wife), he made some changes in his health regimen.

I am the wife and I saw him suffer with this problem for years. It sometimes put him in bed - unable to walk. If you've ever had gout that bad, you'll understand how thankful we are for the changes we've seen. I was concerned about all the side effects of the medications. I've checked out many things on the market and at the local health food stores. So, I did my homework and came up with a plan.

He finally had to admit that something was making a difference in his overall health. He even realized that his Bursitis wasn't bothering him anymore! When he stops doing what he's suppose to, problems come again. It seems that the greatest reason for failure with any health program is "not sticking to the plan", having additional unresolved health issues, or terrible eating habits. In the beginning, he was so afraid of getting a full blown case of the gout that it took some time before he would trust anything more than "what he'd been doing for years". This doesn't mean that everybody will have the same results and I'm not suggesting that you throw your medications out the window, but I am telling you that we feel better about the changes we've both made in our health program....(not that we really even had one before)...

Some Tidbits:
Lead toxicity may cause a decrease in uric acid elimination.
It only takes a few minutes for wine to absorb toxic levels of lead in a crystal glass or decanter?
Enzyme inhibitors contribute to decreased enzyme activity in the body.
Enzymes are necessary for digestive issues and the processing of purines.
Some enzyme inhibitors are fluoride and chlorine in public water supplies and copper from plumbing. With the wide spread problem of these and other contaminants in our drinking water (even bottled water), we have found it very important to use water filtration in our own home.

We are not medical professionals. But, we've tried to put together enough information for you to make an informed decision. We're always happy to help you find a way to better health. Our research is gathered from various sources. We always welcome your suggestions to improve our web site. We are strong advocates for nutritional supplementing to support good health and believe that God's green earth has a cure for every ailment of man. All, except the human soul. Only He can heal that! Have a wonderful Day!

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