Eyebright (Euphrasia offinialis)


Eyebright's (Euphrasia offinialis) name suggests both its action and appearance; its red-spotted white or purple flowers seem to resemble bloodshot eyes. In fact, its dried stems, leaves, and flowers have long been used as a tonic for irritated or infected eyes. Eyebright can be applied to eyes affected by hay fever, other allergies, or colds. Herbalists also recommend it to relieve conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), when used either internally, in conjunction with a cold compress, or as an eyewash. Some suggest that drinking Eyebright tea can help maintain good vision. It may prove effective for other conditions of the eyes including chronic inflammations, stinging and weeping eyes, and over-sensitivity to light.

The Eyebright herb is an excellent remedy for the problems of the mucous membranes. The combination of anti-inflammatory and astringent properties makes it relevant in many conditions. Used internally as a brewed tea or supplement, Eyebright is a powerful anti-catarrhal and thus may be used to fight nasal blockage, sinusitis, colds, and other congestive states.

There are no known serious negative side-effects from using Eyebright. The herb is generally considered safe, effective, and non-toxic although some individuals might experience a skin rash or nausea from greater doses or extended use of Eyebright. In catarrhal conditions, it combines well with Goldenrod, Elder Flower, or Goldenseal. As an eye lotion it mixes well with Goldenseal and distilled Witch Hazel. For maintaining healthy vision, Eyebright can be used alone or in combination with Bilberry extract and vitamin A as beta-carotene.

The active chemical and nutrient content of the Eyebright herb includes: bitters, inositol, essential oils, pantothenic acid, PABA, sulfur, tannins, vitamins A, B3, B12, C, D, and E. Eyebright is available in bulk, tincture, capsule, tea leaves, or tablet forms. It is effective when used both orally and externally for its antiseptic, phlegm-reduction, and anti-inflammatory properties. For more information on the Eyebright herb and a unique, high-quality supplement called EYE FORMULA that contains it, please see Eye Formula

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