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Soy Protein for Amino acids, protein and fiber

J. Robert Lemon, R. Ph.

J. Robert Lemon, a registered pharmacist, is President and Cofounder of Life Plus International. Currently, he also serves as the technical liaison to Life Plus Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Bob completed his undergraduate work at Ohio Northern University and graduated from the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Since then, he has been a member of several professional organizations including the International Academy of Preventive Medicine, the International College of Applied Nutrition, the International College of Metabology and the American Academy of Medical Preventics.

Bob has been a formulator and manufacturer of high quality nutritional products for over three decades and has during his professional career pioneered many new and innovative products and concepts. Based on years of experience, he is aware of the value of quality nutritional supplementation in the overall support of the body's metabolic processes and is totally supportive of the "coming together" of nutritional science and modern medicine.

He became involved in new and inventive areas of healthcare, specializing in enzymes and metabolic nutrition, during the 1960's. He has an extensive background in European natural therapies and has worked closely with researchers and clinicians around the world. He has been involved with two different offshore hospitals during the 1970's where natural medicine prevailed.

Bob has always been an innovator and has introduced many concepts that are used in nutritional products today. Included are many unique herbal combinations, proteolytic enzyme mixtures, lyophilized tissue concentrates and methods of formulating to maximize the synergy, bioavailability and bioactivity of nutritional products.