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Here at The Olive Branch, it is our goal to give you personal attention. We are constantly researching multiple health issues so that we may provide you with up to date information for making good choices.

We do not diagnose or try to overrule the advice of your health care professional. Many people are wanting to know which multivitamins are good or bad for you. Many health organizations, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and educational organizations are confirming our belief that supplementing is very beneficial. If you have a particular health condition, we'll tell you which supplements might be best for supporting your health. Good Choices mean that you could see a difference in the way you feel!

We've spent a lot of time researching various health issues. We know you will find our information very useful in your quest for health. So, take time to explore our links and have a great day!


When choosing a multivitamin, remember that not all nutritional brands are the same. Life Plus is committed to offering you products with the finest ingredients available and uses processing that will ensure the most potent effect. Life Plus is so sure you will like the products, that you have a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Our Life Plus Corporate site is: www.lifeplus.com/behealthyandprosper
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The President of Life Plus is a pharmacist and researcher. We also have a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board with highly respected health practitioners to keep us informed on the latest developments in nutritional science.

Heading this board is the world respected Oncologist and Hematologist, Dr. Dwight L. McKee, M.D.

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