What Determines Quality in Nutritional Supplements?

A good quality product will start with the finest raw materials and ingredients available in the marketplace. There are many grades of raw materials available for nutritional product manufacturers.

Active ingredients may vary according to where the plant was grown, what part of the plant is being used, how the plant was harvested , and even how the plant was stored. Some harvests can have many more contaminants and impurities than others.

Herbal ingredients should be stored where humidity is low and away from heat. This helps to maintain potency and avoid mold or other contamination.

The manufacturer should always require a "Certificate of Assay" from the supplier of raw materials. Testing should also be done to assure the Assay standard is correct.

Manufacturers of High Quality Products should have the following guidelines:

Life Plus is the only nutritional company we know that uses all of these quality manufacturing processes in the making of their products. The Life Plus products are standardized. The ingredients are Certified by the broker to be free of pesticides. Life Plus tests all ingredients and has made a rule of purchasing the most natural and potent herbals available for their various compounds.


Custom made (one of a kind machines) are designed especially for Life Plus to minimize any friction during the manufacturing process.

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