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 Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function

Product No. 4053


Natural Vitamin E from naturally occuring Tocopherol d-alpha
for maximum utilization in the body

This is not Synthetic Vitamin E which is produced from a petroleum by-product.

Contains no preservatives, sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk, soy derivatives, artificial flavoring or coloring agents.

Why use Vita-E?

Vitamin E is one of nature’s most important single antioxidants and is considered to be the master vitamin that provides support to the lipid portions of our cells, such as the cell membranes. It is an antioxidant that nutritionally promotes healthy nervous, cardiovascular, and circulatory systems by ensuring that they obtain enough oxygen from the red blood cells. Vitamin E helps support the integrity of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissues and organs throughout the body. Maintaining an adequate oxygen supply in your bloodstream is especially important for vigorous activities such as athletics and manual labor.

What is different about Life Plus Vita-E?

Life Plus uses only the finest natural d-alpha tocopherol in its Vitamin E product. There is some evidence that natural forms of vitamin E are more effective, but all of the scientific evidence conducted in the past regarding the effectiveness of vitamin E supplements used synthetic d-alpha-tocopherol. Newer studies seem to indicate that natural tocopherols provide even greater benefits than the synthetic form which is made from petroleum by-products. However, additional studies will have to be conducted to provide some people with conclusive evidence that natural vitamin E is better.

Additional LifeStyle Options to Ensure Health.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, ample rest, and stress management are all important for good health. If you are like most people, this isn’t always possible. Life Plus provides you with high-quality products such as Vita-E that assist you in providing your body with the nutrients needed to properly support your body. A perfect companion to Vita-E is Circulation Formula™, which provides additional support to promote circulation and cardiovascular health and ensure that you are functioning at peak capacity.

Supplement Facts


Take one softgel capsule twice a day.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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