750 gal.

(can convert to under the sink)

750 gal.
Designer Countertop

(Plastic Model)

750 gal.
Countertop only

750 gal.
Below the Sink

1200 gal.
Below the Sink

(with capacity meter)

Reverse Osmosis

Whole House

Endocrine Disrupters Warning!

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Did you know that water supplies can carry "endocrine disrupters"?

The endocrine system is made up of organs and tissues that get instructions from chemical messengers called hormones. There are chemicals that can mimic these hormones. It is reported that Dr. Peter Montague of the Environmental Research Foundation, relayed that hormone disruption may cause cancer, birth defects, stunted growth, reproductive failure, diminished sperm count, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies, damage to immune system, loss of muscle tone, weakened reflexes, loss of short-term memory, ADD, lower IQS and even violent behavior.

Endocrine disrupters are found in foods we eat, water we drink and the plastics that we use everyday. As a little health tip: Don't use plastics in the microwave. This will help you avoid the release of contaminants stored in these plastics. Instead, place your food in other suitable containers for heating. Also, when purchasing plastics for food or beverages, look for a tiny triangle on the bottom. There will be a number inserted in that triangle. They will range from 1 to 7. Choose the lowest number. It has been reported that 7 is the poorest grade of re-cycled plastic and it will likely contain the highest level of contamination.

The following was found in the May/June 1999 issue of The Sierra Club Magazine:

"Americans used to turn on their faucets when they craved a drink of clear, cool water. Today, concerned about the safety of water supplies, they re turning to the bottle. But is bottled really better?

Let's assume that your store-bought water meets all the safety standards. What about the bottle? Because containers that sit for weeks or months at room temperature are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, a bottle that met federal safety standards when it left the plant might have unsafe bacteria levels by the time you buy it. And because manufacturers aren t required to put expiration dates on bottles, there's no telling how long they've spent on a loading dock or on store shelves.

But even more troubling is what may be leaching form the plastic containers. Scientists at the FDA found traces of an endocrine distruptor that can alter the reproductive development of animals after 39 weeks in water held at room temperature in large polycarbonate containers."

You can filter your own water to significantly reduce these things for pennies a gallon with our Solid Carbon filtering systems.

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