750 gal.

(can convert to under the sink)

750 gal.
Designer Countertop

(Plastic Model)

750 gal.
Countertop only

750 gal.
Below the Sink

1200 gal.
Below the Sink

(with capacity meter)

Reverse Osmosis

Whole House

Get the Lead Out!

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Lead is a metabolic poison. For children, chronic exposure to lead can cause brain damage, learning disabilities and hyperactivity. Damage to the nervous system is permanent. In adults, it has been linked to kidney problems and liver damage as well as high blood pressure, anemia and nerve damage.

How it gets there: Water passes through pipes that may be lead or joined with lead solder. Public water utilities are advising households that have high levels of lead in their tap water to invest in a filter that is certified to reduce lead. Our filters do that and more.

In the following article Experts tell Mendon residents about dangers of lead poisoning

Mendon, MA, May 3, 2002 (Milford Daily News)

The levels of toxic lead found in private drinking water wells in the Blackstone Street area are so high that residents should avoid brushing their teeth with it, according to experts.

Dangerous lead particles can also become airborne through hot showers or baths and then be ingested or breathed, according to Paul Riendeau, educational coordinator at New England Water Works in Holliston, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about drinking water.

As for bathing and washing, that is something that should be looked at very carefully. When it comes to your health, you don t want to take a chance, especially with children, said Riendeau.

Breathing or ingesting lead-laced water is far worse than absorption through skin. If children are exposed to excessive levels of lead, it can cause brain damage, affect growth, damage kidneys, impair hearing, cause vomiting, headaches and appetite loss, and learning and behavioral problems, according to the National Safety Council. In adults, lead can increase blood pressure and cause digestive problems, kidney damage, nerve disorders, sleep problems, muscle and joint pain, and mood changes.

Drinking the water puts lead directly in the digestive system, potentially causing such health problems within weeks. Absorption through the skin could take months or years before a problem is noted, Riendeau said.

Riendeau couldn t give the exact concentration when lead can become airborne through steamy water. That is something that needs to be researched by working with the state Department of Environmental Protection, he said.

The legal limit for lead in water is 15 parts per billion. Several Mendon residents have tested their wells and found levels of 15 ppb to 400 ppb.

Our solid carbon filters are certified by UL and NSF for the following:
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Chemicals
  • Cysts (Cryptosporidium & Giardia)
  • Heavy Metals such as Lead and Mercury
  • Inorganics such as Asbestos
  • Turbidity
  • Chloramine and MTBE

A Percentage chart of contaminant removal is available upon request.

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